Vie Secrète dans les Carnets de Croquis : Bad Hair Day

Lorsqu’on ferme les carnets de croquis, je suis sûre que ça papote, là-dedans.

the Secret Life in Sketchbooks : Bad Hair Day
When sketch books are closed, I’m sure there is a lot of talking and gossiping inside.

La Vie Secrète des Croquis

Toujours ce Bic 4 couleurs que j’aime bien…. Still that 4 colors pen I like.

« Hey ! Your hair looks much better ! »
« I forced her to photoshop it !
She is able to draw anatomically difficult positions freehandedly, but a simple bob haircut ? Failed !
That nitwit was drawing with the light to her back.
I must have her to lengthen my supporting leg, too… »

Vie Secrète dans les Carnets de Croquis : Bic 4 couleurs

Petit délassement entre 2 crobards chiants.

(I did that with a 4 colors pen I really like, between 2 very boring pictures)

Simone & Marie-Josèphe

Approximate translation :

– Simone, the populace is looking at us!

– Let’s modestly lower our eyes, Marie-Josèphe.
Then, we’ll go destroy their dirty little asses.